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Car Courier

Small boxes, files & fragile items.

If in doubt on size then opt for a small van.

Cars offer extra protection over a Bike.

Small Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 300 – 500

Dimensions 1.20m (L) x 1.20m (W) x 1.0m (H)

Standard Large Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 600 – 900

Dimensions 2.00m (L) x 1.40m (W) x 1.40m (H)

Extra Large Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 900 – 1200

Dimensions 4.00m (L) x 1.40m (W) x 1.80m (H)

Luton Box Van Courier

Payload (Kg): 800 – 1000

Dimensions 4.00m (L) x 2.00m (W) x 2.00m (H)

All vehicle are fitted with sat nav, tracked and have goods in transit insutrance up to £20,000


DC Couriers

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